Hey! I am Javier 👋

I design and implement machine learning solutions for real world problems. I love reading papers for inspiration and then complain about not having enough data to bring them to products.

Currently, I am working on different CV & NLP problems at Uizard, where we are building the world’s first machine learning powered design tool. We believe that you can design products if machine learning gives you a hand.

You can check out my projects page to see some of the stuff I have built in Uizard and on the side lately.

In my previous life, I was working with robotics at both ETH and DTU, mostly on projects related to intelligent robotics and robot vision.

When I am not reading papers or learning about some new cool tech stuff you will find me cooking, hiking, taking pictures, or (when the pandemics allow for it) doing all of the previous ones in different places around the world.

Feel free to reach out through email or any of my social media profiles. And remember to Follow me on Twitter to check what I am up to.

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