Some of the cool projects I have been working in the past few years


Uizard, sketch to design conversion

Transforming sketches into a UI design prototype

Worked on a machine learning pipeline that transforms a picture of a rough sketch into a high fidelity design.

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Uizard, generate

Generating design systems from an image

We built a machine learning pipeline that generates a design system (with styles for buttons, text and other components) from an image, webpage or Sketch file.

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Uizard, realmix

Bringing semi-supervised learning to the real world

Current semi-supervised techniques work well on clean academic datasets. What does it take to make them work while building a product? At Uizard we have done a bunch of research to answer this question.

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Side projects

CLip playground

CLIP Playground: A user interface around OpenAIs CLIP model

A Streamlit powered interface around CLIP.

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Slide thesis

Instance segmentation using sequences

During my master thesis at ETH I wrote about how to improve instance segmentation models (like Mask R-CNN) with a sequence of images.



Tool recognition for robotic manipulation pipeline

I built the tool detection and recognition pipeline as part of a robotics challenge.


A cheap (and really slow) 3D lidar

We built a really basic 3D lidar using a couple of motors, a sensor and some electronics. The Lidar will then send the measurements to a computer for visualization.